Easy to install, quick to walk on

Parmate engineered hardwood flooring can be installed over any flat, sound sub-floor such as concrete, plywood, tiles and timber flooring with no acclimatising, sanding or finishing required. Once installed the floor can be walked on almost immediately. Parmate is the fast and convenient way to to have a real timber floor.

Choice of installation methods

Parmate Wideboard hardwood flooring can be floated over an approved underlay (the quickest and easiest method) or glued directly to the subfloor for a more solid feel underfoot.

Parmate flooring can also be installed over heated sub-floors as long as guidelines are followed. Detailed installation advice is available from Australian distributors EFP.

Installation Method
Float over underlay
Glue directly to sub-floor
Install over heated sub-floors

Single plank wideboard

Parmate comes as a single plank wideboard product for an authentic natural plank look. Australian species are available in a 133mm width, whilst the Oak species are available as a 190mm width. Lengths of 1830mm or 2190mm are available depending upon the species.

Oak wideboard flooring is engineered with a tongue and groove locking system for a precise and long term fit. Australian species are supplied with a convenient 5G-LOC system joint for secure, easy installation.

Plank Widths Plank Lengths Joint System
SpeciesAustralian Species 133mm 1740mm
VariantsOak Variants 190mm 1830mm
Tongue & Groove