Parmate engineered hardwood flooring is pre-finished with six coats of low sheen UV-cured scratch resistant finish by Bona, the world leader in non-toxic timber floor finishes. Bona finishes are the professionals No.1 choice for demanding commercial and domestic environments and provide maximum durability.

The pre-finished Bona surface is guaranteed for 10 years. If and when recoating is required, Parmate can be easily refinished with Bona Traffic, Australia’s biggest selling 2-component floor finish for commercial floors, or if extremely high traffic levels are expected, Bona Traffic HD can be used. The floor can also be re-sanded like conventional solid floor boards.

Bona non-toxic, water-based coatings are used to coat Parmate flooring in order to give the best possible protection to the timber and to provide a hard-wearing scratch resistant surface. The Bona six coat process incorporates UV cured primers, pore fillers, base coats and top finishes. The anti-scratch technology ensures Parmate and Bona provide a hard-wearing low sheen polyurethane surface suitable for demanding high-traffic environments.

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