Bona care and maintenance

As Parmate flooring is pre-finished with Bona non-toxic coatings, ongoing care and maintenance is made easy with Bona’s purpose designed cleaning and floor care products. Bona’s range of floor care products ensures a Parmate floor is easily kept clean and maintained throughout it’s lifetime by following the simple steps below.

Bona floor care products are easy to use and easy to find, with more than 500 retail stockists Australia wide. For more info and retail stockist listings:

Remove loose dirt, grit and dust with a Bona Electrostatic Microfiber Dusting Cloth, or if using a vacuum cleaner ensure the head uses a soft brush.

Clean the floor using the Bona Spray Mop fitted with a Microfiber Cleaning Pad and timber floor cleaning cartridge.

Maintain the sheen of the floor and revive scratched surfaces with Bona Wood Floor Refresher.

Bona Products

The pre-finished Bona surface is warrantied for 10 years. If and when re-coating is required, Parmate can be easily refinished with Bona Traffic, Australia’s biggest selling 2-component floor finish for commercial floors, or if extremely high traffic levels are expected, Bona Traffic HD can be used. The floor can also be re-sanded like conventional solid floor boards.

Bona Premium Spray Mop

Bona Lifetime Support System

Bona Lifetime Support gives you the reassurance that wherever you are, you will receive the advice and support to maintain your timber floor with Bona products to keep it looking good during its entire lifetime.

The Bona lifetime support system gives you the reassurance that wherever you are, you can expect full support including technical advice with regard to maintenance and refurbishment.

This is made possible as Bona finishes and floor care products are used in over 90 countries worldwide and are the No. 1 choice for professional flooring contractors. Bona is the market leader in nontoxic timber floor finishes globally and have been dedicated experts in timber flooring products since 1919.

Bona Lifetime support